Pressemitteilung SwissPro Invest: Bangladesh – Byweekly review 11 April – 22 April 2016

SwissPro | Frankfurt, 25.04.2016 IMF retains economic growth outlook for Bangladesh The International Monetary Fund has also kept economic forecast for Bangladesh unchanged at 6.8 percent for this fiscal year after a same type of forecast by Asian Development Bank. Retaining its last October forecast, IMF estimated the same GDP growth outlook for Bangladesh. However, the IMF’s projection is closer to the Asian Development Bank’s forecast of 6.7 percent and the government’s 7.05 percent. Recently, the government claimed that the …

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Pressemitteilung Columbia Threadneedle Investments: Chinesischer Yuan könnte weiter korrigieren

Columbia Threadneedle | London, 11.08.2015. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, zur heutigen Abwertung des chinesischen Yuan um zwei Prozent durch die People’s Bank of China (PBoC) anbei ein Kommentar von Clifford Lau, Head of Fixed Income, Asia Pacific bei Columbia Threadneedle Investments: “The 2% depreciation of the Chinese yuan (CNY) fixing this morning sent a shockwave across regional Asian currency markets, especially those countries dependent on export competitiveness to deliver growth, such as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.

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