Pressemitteilung ECP European Capital Partners: Freitagmorgen Kaffee Nr. 147: Joined at the hip

 ECP | Luxemburg, 16.04.2021 I recently came across extensive comments from so-called growth investors making the point that the reflation trade had created a unjustified rally in value stocks that were of low fundamental quality. In the long run however quality had always prevailed independently of valuation and the recent recovery in value would prove temporary. Growth investors should therefore simply sit out their current underperformance and of course stay invested in the growth funds.

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Pressemitteilung ECP European Capital Partners: Freitagmorgen Kaffee Nr. 143: Will the old continue to remain Gold?

 ECP | Luxemburg, 19.03.2021 As an investor we have grown accustomed to the drama that Mr. Market throws at us every now and then. Last year in particular was especially amusing from the point of view of price action in the stock markets. Out of numerous such phenomenon Tesla in particular caught our attention, as we being the shareholders of Volkswagen (via Porsche) we are always on lookout to ensure we don’t end up holding a company that is about …

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Pressemitteilung DNB Asset Management S.A.: Market outlook February 2016

DNB| Luxemburg, 12.02.2016. – After a weak start in 2016, the stock markets appear to have stabilised – Macro statistics in rich countries disappointed big in January – Oil is traded at USD 31 a barrel, in January, prices fluctuated between USD 28 and 37 – Equities are in a correction phase rather than in a lasting slowdown – We are maintaining the neutral weight in equities in our tactical market outlook

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